64 All Hallows Eve suns have passed over Hiram King Williams's grave. Today, I was there for one. I stood alone in the Oakland Cemetery Annex in Montgomery, Alabama beside the grave of Hank Williams. I read the words that his wife Audrey had inscribed on his monument. I read the words that Hank Jr. had inscribed on hers. A Monday in Montgomery, Alabama.

I also visited a Rosa Parks Memorial. I read memorials that commemorate Montgomery's bodacious involvement in the slave market. I read memorials to murders. I read memorials to lives that changed us all. I read the story about "Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs." It was a heavy day in Montgomery, Alabama.

I also found the new location of the Hank Williams statue. Well, like I said, it was a heavy day in Montgomery. I don't see Montgomery, Alabama as the resting place of Hiram King Williams anymore. I see it as the place of birth for a movement that brings us all closer to One. That should be our goal anyway, eh?


Peace Y'all,


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