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Burnsville resident, David Wiseman, is a throwback in all the best ways. He is the sort of troubadour who a century ago would have traveled the winding roads of Western North Carolina for a place to set his feet and sing his songs.

Armed with his trusty Gibson acoustic, a warm and soulful voice and any number of tales to tell, Wiseman guides us through a snapshot of his life and heritage. Be it the historic Swannanoa flood of 1916 or a “Ride to Terre Haute,” Wiseman conveys his message with a straightforwardness that never gets in the way of a good story. Much like fellow North Carolinian Bruce Piephoff, Wiseman relishes in making the everyday seem extraordinary and the personal collective.

As enjoyable an experience as Panes is – and I found its comforting tone ideal music for the evening hours – it’s the sort of songwriting best heard live. Here’s hoping David Wiseman comes down the mountain and pays Asheville a visit. ****


Love David's music!
This is what folk sounds like. This is what *folk* sound like. We're past due for a singer/songwriter with a smart political bent. David does it so well. Love his gruff voice, and love his lyrics. He's in heavy rotation on my pod!

He can write, he can sing and he can play.

These 5 songs are just a good taste of what this talented artist can create. If you have a little of the "60's" in your soul you will love David's songs. I can't wait for a full length album.

4 Stars, "Wiseman is poignantly macabre, capturing the essence of the heart and mind of people living a hardscrabble life often in the shadow of opulence."

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  • Apr 7
    Honeyfolk House Concert,  Mars Hill
  • Apr 22
    Micaville Music at OOAK Art Gallery,  Burnsville
  • May 3
    OOAK Art Gallery,  Burnsville
  • May 17
    Southeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference,  Montreat
  • May 19
    Southeast Regional Folk Alliance,  Montreat


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